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CASA Advocate of the Month for November is, Danielle Bart!

The advocate of the month for November is Danielle Bart. Danielle completed her training this summer during one of our condensed trainings. We should’ve known from that point that she is truly something special! She hit the ground running and took her first case almost immediately after being sworn-in. Danielle is currently the advocate for two little girls and has impressed us so much with her dedication to the case. Not only does she work independently, but, she checks in with her advocate coordinator frequently, providing updates on the case and consulting with her to make sure she is providing the best resources possible for her CASA children. If she has ever been nervous about being on a case or appearing in court, she has not shown it. Her first report was phenomenal and her hard work was shown through the facts and recommendations she provided to the court. Danielle makes sure she doesn’t leave a stone unturned and contacts every individual involved in the children’s lives, including the doctor, to provide the court with a thorough and sufficient report.

We are so grateful for her commitment to our program, despite the many hours she also provides to her job and school. Danielle is a true voice for her girls in court and we are blessed to have her on our team.

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