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CASA of CGS Remembers Jennie Adler

A CASA volunteer for several years, Jennie (Nelson) Adler was a selfless and dedicated advocate committed to creating brighter futures for children in her community. During her time with CASA of CGS she served on two cases in Salem county, providing superb support for three children and their families. She was an excellent volunteer who leveraged her career experience and knowledge to bolster her advocacy for the CASA youth she served, and her hard work always shined through her court reports and court hearing presentations.

“Jennie was assigned a case for which a court hearing was coming up very quickly,” said Dot Mason, her Peer Coordinator. “She persevered through quite a few obstacles and was able to find the information she needed to complete her visits with the parties involved with the case. Despite the very short timeline, Jennie’s court report was submitted in time for the hearing, and it was written as if she were a CASA for a long time. She was a natural at this. Jennie was so very personable and such a pleasure to work with.”

Jennie’s kind personality and dedication to helping others were just but a few qualities that made her such a stellar CASA volunteer. Everyone that knew her always spoke highly of her, because that is just the type of person Jennie was. She was a fierce advocate, a compassionate community changer, and an all-around incredible person.

“If you were fortunate enough to have a conversation with Jennie, you would know that she was always honest about her role in this world: she wanted to make sure children had the tools to become strong, healthy, and self-sufficient adults,” said Jennifer Henderson, CASA of CGS Program Director. “Her advocacy efforts were thorough and objective, and she never took a decision made by the judge personally.”

Thank you, Jennie, for everything you did for the children and families you served, and for touching the lives of our CASA of CGS family with your warm and loving presence. Your strong spirit and seemingly endless desire to help children have better futures will remain in our hearts forever. You will be deeply and sincerely missed.

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