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CASA of CGS Advocate of the Month for December is Dottie Thompson!

The CASA of CGS Advocate of the Month for December is Dottie Thompson!

Dottie joined the CASA of CGS family in September, 2014, and has remained the consistent, loving presence in her CASA children’s lives for over four years.

Dottie remained a stable and consistent presence in her children’s lives throughout the entire four years of litigation. She advocated for their education, additional services, placement and overall well-being. The resource mother was fighting a longterm illness while maintaining a commitment to the adoption of the children. During this time, the advocate provided continued support and monitored the resource mother’s health and the impact any occurrences from her health journey would have on the children.

Dottie is a retired school teacher and advocated for one of the children to receive all of the resources in school possible to ensure she wasn’t impacted by her academic under performance. She utilized the court to assist in any obstacles she faced in making sure the little girl received the testing needed. Dottie was careful to be sensitive to the needs of all of the children despite the multiple layers involved in the case and the traumas experienced.

She always closely followed the children’s placement to monitor the resource mother’s health. Dottie also worked with the children and the court throughout the trial, carefully requesting additional services that she knew would positively impact the well-being of the mother’s other biological children (not parties on this case), should she maintain custody.

She advocated for Early Intervention for the youngest child and provided love and continuous support for all of the children and carefully weighed each recommendation and how it would impact the children. She never once judged the situation or had a subjective mind – instead she provided love and hope.

CASA advocates have one goal: A child’s best interest. Not only was Dottie committed to her children, but, she wouldn’t rest until she knew that they were forever-loved, safe and cared for. Dottie, thank you for your long-term commitment and advocacy. Your footprint is felt through the generations that follow us and your love through all of us. Thank you so much for your service!

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