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CASA of CGS names Terri Straubmuller as the Advocate of the Month for the month of March

CASA of CGS names Terri Straubmuller as the Advocate of the Month for the month of March!

Terri has been with us since last fall and has been on two cases already. Terri is a very caring, enthusiastic and dedicated advocate. The children in Terri’s first case have reached permanency and are being adopted this month. Her second case is still active, and Terri visits regularly with the child and resource parent to ensure the child is getting what he needs to ensure his placement is as comfortable as possible. Terri also checks in with the biological mother to check on her progress.

Terri worked in the education field and she uses all of her creativity and child communication skills to engage and form a relationship with the child. She stays in contact with the schools to obtain input to ensure the child is receiving everything he needs to succeed. The schools also share information with Terri that the child tells them about his home life, which helps Terri bring forth issues to the court. Terri consistently provides her peer coordinator with updates and provides clear, thorough court reports. She is an absolute pleasure to work with. Her passion and desire to serve foster youth is incredible. She is constantly seeking to learn more about how she can better represent her children in court and make their voice heard to the judge.

We are so fortunate to have an advocate like Terri on our team!

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