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CASA Success Stories!: Meet Jean P.

*Picture is not actual child and advocate.

Nothing brings us more joy at CASA of CGS than hearing stories of success from children and advocates in foster care. So during the month of February, we’ll be bringing you stories of success from our CASA volunteers and foster families everywhere! Today, we’re featuring Jean P., an advocate for the children that made a huge difference for many lives.

Jean P. was a CASA volunteer who was given a case involving four children who were living with their paternal aunt. These children had been entered into the foster care system because their living conditions were unsafe.

The children were removed from their house, which was riddled with dirt and feces and suspected to be a venue for drug and prostitution activities. While the original plan was for the children to eventually be put back into the care of their biological mother, she consistently failed to maintain a job and sufficient home. The children’s aunt had two children of her own to take care of, but it became apparent to CASA volunteer Jean that the children would have the best chance of staying together if they were adopted by their aunt.

Jean began to learn more about the children’s biological parents; there was a history of abuse and their need for a more stable home became even more apparent. The oldest daughter claimed that she had been abused by her mother in the past, but through working with other parties in the case, it was found that some of the girl’s claims about abuse were false. Because the oldest daughter had a history of not telling the truth, Jean determined it best for her to seek counseling for the girl to address her issues with her past and the abuse she had seen occur between her parents.

Meanwhile, the children’s aunt was still under pressure to make ends meet for both her children and her nieces and nephews. CASA advocate Jean decided that for her to be able to continue caring for these children, she would need additional assistance to adopt the children.

In a little over a year, Jean was able to move the children’s case forward. Their aunt was given additional assistance and found a summer program for the children to attend, making care-taking much easier. Jean also helped ensure that visits with their mother overnight would cease for their safety, and that visits would be supervised. She also made sure that the oldest daughter continued to get counseling from organizations such as Perform Care or Robin’s Nest. Eventually, with additional support provided by CASA, the children’s aunt was able to move forward to adopt her nieces and nephews. Now, all of the children are happy and safe.

These are the stories that make us proud of what we do for children at CASA. Continue to look forward to more heartwarming success stories from children and advocates this year!

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