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Congratulations to February’s Advocates of the Month, Amanda O’Hara and DonnaMarie Murray

Typically, we select one advocate as our Advocate of the Month. This month will be a little different. Some of our cases are more intense than others and require the combined efforts of two or more amazing individuals. With that being said, February couldn’t end without us naming an outstanding advocate duo as the first-ever CASA of CGS Advocates of the Month. Congratulations to Amanda O’Hara and DonnaMarie Murray!

Both Amanda and DonnaMarie started with our program in the Spring of 2017 and began working together on their current case after DonnaMarie requested an additional advocate after suffering an unexpected injury. They’ve demonstrated an incredible balance of support between each other and utilize their peer coordinator as an additional source of empowerment, resources and guidance.

Their Peer Coordinator says, “DonnaMarie and Amanda have been working on a very complicated and difficult case since June of 2017. The circumstances are intimidating and involve physical, psychological and sexual abuse. They have excelled at engendering trust from people who have very little reason to put faith in them. They have had to make very difficult recommendations, always keeping the welfare of the children in the forefront. And it is their first case. DonnaMarie and Amanda have conducted multiple interviews with over 18 family members in three states. They have called for multiple family meetings with the Division that has led to a consistency of effort between CASA and DCP&P. This has led them to put in significant hours every week. They are exceptional advocates for the children who have endured much in their young lives. They exemplify the best that we can do in our CASA roles.”

Amanda and DonnaMarie have done an outstanding job as advocates for children. Despite facing numerous heart pounding days and countless roadblocks, this dynamic duo has trudged forward, determined to aid in permanency for their children.  CASA of CGS gained two strong, determined, loving, supportive, empathetic, intelligent, creative and amazing advocates when Amanda and DonnaMarie joined our team. We are grateful for their time and for the commitment they have made to improve the lives of children.

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