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Diane Davy is the CASA of CGS Advocate of the Month for January!

Diane Davy has been a volunteer with CASA of CGS since 2011. Her dedication to the program’s mission and commitment to improving the lives of children is evident in every single court report she submits.

Diane is intelligent and focused while also radiating warmth and unconditional support. This balance surrounds never-ending objectivity and professionalism. She is truly a superstar as an advocate.

In situations that many of us would become frustrated or even burnt out in, she somehow pulls a burst of strength together and is able to think logically, while also keeping her emotions in check. A saying that would help to describe Diane is: “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” She is phenomenal.

Her advocate coordinator, Michele says, “Diane is a fearless, focused woman with a heart to help.  The support and guidance she gives to her CASA child is something I admire.  It’s been a long and difficult road with many ups and downs, the only thing that remains consistent in this child’s life is Diane’s patience and persistence. It’s been an honor and pleasure working with her and I am proud to say she is on my team. ”

Thank you for your service, Diane! We are so grateful for the work you do for children in our community!

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