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Dot Mason is CASA of CGS Volunteer of the Month for September!

A little over a year ago, we received a phone call from a former advocate saying, “I’m retired and I’m ready.”

After taking a refresher course for the pre-service training, this advocate, Dot Mason, met with a CASA advocate coordinator about taking a case, but, decided that becoming a peer coordinator would be a better fit for her. She had been on cases in the past and expressed an interest in supporting incoming advocates on their journey improving the lives of the abused and neglected children in our community.

Dot has certainly found her niche. She’d never believe us when we say, “she’s a natural.” She’s organized, dependable and is always willing to cover a hearing for a child even if it’s not for an advocate she is working alongside of.

Dot has been with the program since 2010, periodically checking back in and staying up-to-speed with the happenings at CASA of CGS. Our program became a bit brighter when we heard those words, “I’m retired and I’m ready.”

One of her advocates, Cathy, (who is on her second case with Dot!), says of working with her peer coordinator, “Dot is always willing to step in and help with anything I’ve needed. She is a tremendous asset to CASA!”

Deena, another one of Dot’s advocates who is working on two cases at the moment, says, “Dot is always there when I need her! As a new advocate, I rely on her so much to navigate this new world and she has been invaluable to me. From attending my court hearings with me, to giving me feedback on my reports, I am so thankful for her guidance.”

Dot, not only are you incredibly important to your advocates, but, you’re undeniably essential for the CASA of CGS program.

Thank you so much for all that you do for our advocates, the program, and the community!

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