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Ed Kagan is the CASA of CGS Advocate of the Month for March!

Two years ago, CASA advocate Susan Kagan and her husband, Ed, met with CASA of CGS program director, Jennifer, over breakfast to discuss ways Ed could step in to support the CASA program and assist more children in foster care. Ed’s background and expertise were a coveted addition to the program and his endless support provided to his wife while volunteering have always been evident and appreciated.

Some of the best conversations are held over omelets and coffee. Ed became an official member of our CASA of CGS family a few weeks later.

A wealth of knowledge, Ed quickly became a peer coordinator, supporting and empowering four advocates – most recently supporting advocates during a nine-day trial. One of his advocates, DonnaMarie, said of working with Ed, “Hmmm. How to describe Ed Kagan?

PC extraordinaire ex·tra·or·di·naire /ikstrôrdiˈner/ outstanding or remarkable in a particular capacity. (Definitely).

Ed is always supportive, encouraging and he plays a wonderful devil’s advocate. When I’ve asked questions, he’d reply, ‘Well, what if this happened and it resulted in that, what then?’ Ed is also willing to listen to my rants and frustrations! He can usually calm me down, without being judgmental. Ed started as my PC and I’m now I’m blessed to call him my friend. Okay, just one more thing: Behind every great man is an awesome woman – Susan Kagan!” Gloucester Advocate Coordinator says of working with Ed, “Ed’s commitment to the advocates he mentors and the CASA program as a whole is something that I admire. He not only supports his advocates, he supports, encourages and challenges me to be the best advocate coordinator, for which I am grateful.  I can’t imagine CASA of CGS without Ed and his support.”

Program Director, Jennifer knew from the moment she met Ed and Susan that they were a gift to the community and the CASA program. “I love them both so much! Ed is one of the most intelligent individuals I know, but, he is still humble and will always double check before making a decision he is unsure of or navigating situations he hasn’t encountered before. He’s on top of everything and incredibly thorough and professional. I love how selfless and supportive Ed is and am grateful for his constant encouragement. He keeps me motivated and supported just as much as his advocates. We are a team and stronger because we work together so well. Ed is amazing!”

Thank you, Ed, for your service and commitment to the children we serve. You’re the best!

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