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Greg Hannon is the CASA of CGS Advocate of the Month for October!

Greg has been a blessing to the CASA program since he began in 2017. He has served as an advocate for five children over the course of three cases and is still actively advocating for one of the teens. Greg exhibits great professionalism and diligence while on a case, while also offering such a ray of light and hope through his personality. Greg possesses the ability to bring peace to chaotic situations and never appears to lose his cool no matter how stressful a circumstance may prove to be.

CASA staff members love meeting with Greg to discuss his case not only because he is a strong voice for the children we serve, but, because he is also a friend to each of us.

Jennifer Henderson, program director, says of working with Greg, “I’ve worked with Greg since he began at our program and love catching up with him about life, his case and educational paths. When Greg is on a case, I have the utmost trust that he will guide the child to becoming the best possible person they can be in life. Greg has a wonderful way of balancing his life experience with his education and sharing it with those it will impact the most – including me!”

His advocate coordinator, Michele Musick, said, “Greg has been on multiple cases for CASA and gives his all to each and every one. His ability to reach his CASA children, not to mention the most difficult advocacy with teenagers, is one to be admired. His CASA child is one lucky young man having Greg in his corner and CASA is one lucky organization to have him on our team.”

Greg, CASA is grateful for your time. You are proof that there is good in this world and the impact you make on those around you never goes unnoticed.

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