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Jeanne Clifford is the CASA of CGS Advocate of the Month for July!

Jeanne Clifford is our Advocate of the Month for July!

Even though she has just started with our program, she has left us all in awe at the efforts put forth on her first case.

She is an advocacy machine! Jeanne not only picks up each stone, she digs underneath to make sure nothing else is missing.

In just this short period of time, we’ve had the opportunity to witness her go way above and beyond for her CASA child to make sure he knows that she’ll remain by his side. Jeanne has graced this program with her heart and tenacity and we are so thankful!

Her peer coordinator, Risti, says, “Although Jeanne is only just beginning her first case (and a difficult one at that), she has taken total charge and made the first real difference in a young man’s life. She shows compassion while guiding him through basic life skills. CASA has seen immediate improvement on this case in the short span of a little over a week. She is empathetic, caring and shows genuine concern. And, her first court report was absolutely incredible!”

Jeanne jumped into this role head first. Her 10-page court report was prepared in record time, incredibly thorough, and provided solid, supportive and well-thought out recommendations for this young man’s case.

Thank you, Jeanne! We are grateful for your service and are so happy you’ve made CASA a stop on your journey.

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