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Jennie Nelson is the Advocate of the Month for August!

Jennie Nelson is the CASA of CGS Advocate of the Month for August!

Jennie is a newer Salem County advocate, but, has really put her all into her advocacy efforts.

Her advocate coordinator, Joanna, says, “Jennie navigated the process with DCPP with poise and grace and worked as if she was a seasoned advocate. We are lucky to have her on our team and our CASA children are lucky to have her in their lives.”

Despite some struggles in the beginning, Jennie remained professional and determined during her investigation into her case.

Her peer coordinator Dot, says, “Jennie was assigned a case for which a court hearing was coming up very quickly.  Jennie persevered through quite a few obstacles and was able to find the information she needed to complete her visits with the parties involved with the case.  Despite the very short timeline, Jennie’s court report was submitted in time for the hearing.  And Jennie’s report was written as if she were a CASA for a long time – she’s a natural at this.  She’s also very personable and a pleasure to work with.”

We are very excited to see where Jennie’s journey with our program takes her and are grateful for the difference she is making and will make in the lives of children.

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