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Jillian Firus is the CASA of CGS Advocate of the Month for September!

Jillian finished training as a CASA advocate in June, 2018 and remains on her first case, despite multiple placement changes. Her consistency and supportive nature have been instrumental in her service as an advocate. Jillian is kind, sensitive, caring, level-headed and intelligent. Her desire to help others is evident and she truly makes a difference. Jillian works full-time and still makes sure she spends time with her CASA children and never misses sending in her reports to the court.

Her advocate coordinator, Cara, says, “I am so delighted to nominate Jillian for CASA of the Month for September. Jillian has been advocating for her CASA child since July 2018. She has stood by her child as he has transitioned and moved into a new placement and has continued to be a stable source of encouragement and support for him as he navigates through high school. The relationships Jillian has built with CMO staff, DCP&P and resource parents are outstanding. Recently, Jillian decided she wanted to help more children and is now a CASA on two more cases! Jillian has a love for advocating and a strong will to make a difference and I am so proud to have her as part of the CASA of CGS team!”

Congratulations, Jillian! We are so grateful for you and your service!

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