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Joyce Valentine is the Advocate of the Month for February!

Joyce has been a CASA advocate since June, 2018. She brought a vast knowledge of the educational system to the CASA program and a strong urge to help children. Joyce wanted to help children so much that she has served 10 children and has been on a total of seven cases.

Joyce has the sweetest smile and is so easy to talk to. While she radiates warmth and understanding, she is also a great source of solid advice and direction. Her focus has been teens in foster care and she has done such an incredible job of working to make sure their needs are met.

​”I’ve recently had the pleasure of working with Joyce on a case as she is a newly appointed CASA to a Salem County case. Joyce is ready and willing to jump right on board to advocate for her child. She has the most contagious laugh and brings such a light to the children she serves and to our CASA family!,” said Salem advocate coordinator, Cara. Joyce makes excellent recommendations for the children she is serving and prepares thorough, objective reports for the court each time.

​Her advocate coordinator, Michele says, ​”Joyce and I have worked together for a year and half.  Her specialty is not-so-compliant teenagers and I’m in awe with the way she interacts with them and truly gets a kick out of them – boy do they make her laugh. She is a solid and reliable advocate who is always willing to learn.  Thank you, Joyce, for supporting the CASA program and we really couldn’t do this without you!”

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