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Judy Risser is the CASA of CGS Advocate of the Month for August!

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Judy became an advocate at CASA of CGS exactly one year ago and she has already left her mark on our hearts and within the community.

Since being sworn in, Judy continues to serve three children across two cases.

Her expertise, empathy, and professionalism are always in perfect sync.

In addition to the effort Judy pours into her cases, she also contributes to our events and drives. For the community resource fair, we were blessed with the most delicious baked goods to sell in an effort to raise funds for the CASA of CGS Give a Child Hope Fund. Judy has also spent countless hours making masks for our children and families. She has made and donated over 200 masks!

Her advocate coordinator Michele says, “Our program has been blessed, as have I, this past year when Judy joined our team. Her patience, commitment and professionalism are to be admired and the support she provides to me personally enables and inspires me to do better. She is fearless in her recommendations for her CASA children and I'd be remiss to mention her caring and giving nature.  I am so glad she joined our CASA family.”

Program Director, Jennifer says, “Being a CASA is a unique and challenging experience and Judy handles the role with grace and perseverance. She remains focused on the big picture and gives every bit of her heart to the children we are serving. She has made such an incredible impact on all of us since she has joined our team!”

Julia, Volunteer Coordinator, has loved working with Judy from the beginning, saying, “She was a pleasure to have in training. You can tell she really cares about our mission!”

Judy, thank you! There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t thank our lucky stars for having you on our team!

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Yvonne Leung
Yvonne Leung
Aug 13, 2020

Congratulations 🎉🎊🎈 Judy!!!



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