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Karen Rossett is the Advocate of the Month for May

Avid Reader, Retired Elementary School Teacher, and CASA of CGS Volunteer Advocate

What does it mean to change a child’s story? To help rebuild or redirect their path; to encourage a new passion or perspective; to offer hope. For a child in a difficult situation, something as simple as words of affirmation from a familiar face can make a world of difference. To know that someone is in their corner can be life changing, and all it takes to make that impact is to show up and show up with kindness.

For Karen Rossett, changing a child’s story is her way of life. For the past thirty years, Karen has shaped the youth of Gloucester County through her role in, arguably, one of the most noble yet unsung professions–education. Her love of working with children guided her along the past three decades as a teacher at East Greenwich Elementary School. Now, after retiring, her immense love for children continues to inspire her in her new role as a CASA of CGS Volunteer Advocate.

“Karen is one of the most independent, reliable advocates that I've ever worked with,” said Gloucester County Advocate Coordinator Michele Musick. “Her professionalism and hands-on approach has already benefited four CASA children/young adults! Her persistence in supporting, encouraging, and gently compelling resource parents and all stakeholders to communicate is the key to her successful advocacy. I've learned so much from Karen and am beyond grateful that she chose CASA to be the beneficiary of her amazing work ethic. She's doing great things and I'm glad to be a part of it.”

Karen joined CASA of CGS just one short year ago and already her stellar advocacy has helped four different children and their families receive the resources they need to thrive. Her vast experience as a lifelong educator lends itself well to her work as a CASA volunteer, from communicating to stakeholders in the child’s life to investigative research to advocacy in court.

“I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Karen within the past few months in Salem County as she is advocating for two small children,” said Cara Zoppina, Salem County Advocate Coordinator. “Karen’s flexibility with their placement changes and quick action has been amazing! Karen’s advocacy brings care, precision, and fast attention. Her contact logs are impeccable with detail and I feel like I am right there working the case directly side by side with her. I have truly enjoyed getting to know Karen and look forward to our continued work together. Thank you for helping to change the odds for children.”

Above all, what keeps Karen motivated is knowing that the time she is lending and the work she is doing is ultimately changing a child’s life.

“Volunteering is so important because there are so many people that have needs that almost anybody can help fulfill if they only knew about them,” said Karen. “And volunteering with CASA is so rewarding because you know you’re helping someone–whether you’re acting as a line of communication or just showing someone that you care.”

Thank you, Karen, for proving day in and day out that you care so deeply about the children in our community–and you have for the past thirty plus years. Your work ethic and commitment to younger generations is inspiring, and we are so grateful to have you on our team. Your hard work never goes unnoticed!

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