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Lindsay Foster is the CASA of CGS Advocate of the Month for March!

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Lindsay has been an advocate since April, 2019, and has faithfully served three children through the CASA program. We have been blessed with her expertise and professionalism since the moment she entered our CASA family.

Her court reports are thorough and incredibly helpful in assisting the court to determine the best interest of the children. Julia, our training coordinator, said, "In training Lindsay was always a ray of sunshine; willing and excited to work with others and learn as much as possible. She created bonds with other advocates and was an overall pleasure to work with." Because Lindsay has taken cases across the three counties, all of the advocate coordinators wanted to share their support for Lindsay and the hard work she does to improve outcomes for children in foster care. Cumberland Coordinator, Tiffany, says, "Lindsay is always on time with her court reports and gives great recommendations. She is very responsive!"

Gloucester coordinator, Michele, says, "Lindsay’s ability to be objective in the midst of chaos at times is inspiring to me.  She wears many hats, including mom, but still finds the time to advocate for her CASA children.  Her knowledge and expertise I’ve come to rely on and I am so grateful she chose to join CASA’s team."

Salem's coordinator, Cara, says, "I worked with Lindsay for several months on her first case in Cumberland and she is a rock star!  Lindsay never ceases to amaze me with her wealth of knowledge on mental health and trauma and is a true professional! I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and hope to work with her on another case in the future!" Thank you for the service you provide to our community and our children. The world is a bit brighter because of people like you!

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