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Lisa Widen is the CASA of CGS Advocate of the Month for January!

Lisa Widen is the advocate of the month for January!

Sweet and passionate, Lisa is determined to make sure she helps as many children as possible.

She began as a CASA in Salem County in August, 2018, and has already served four children across three cases. Lisa always makes sure she enters her contact logs into the CASA database and attends all of the trainings and workshops she can. We love her tenacity and drive and have seen over the past few months just how much safety and happiness for children means to her.

Most recently, Lisa reviewed files for her children and sent her court report into her peer coordinator while being sick and on vacation. Her dedication to the children she is serving is incredibly admirable.

Her peer coordinator, Dot, says, “Lisa hit the ground running when she received her first case and was eager to learn every aspect of her role as a CASA. Not only is she very diligent, shes very caring as well. She wants to ensure the children in her cases are getting the resources they need. Lisa is a great asset to the team, and I very much enjoy working with her.”

Lisa became a child advocate for all of the right reasons and she is following through with her intentions. We are so excited to see what the future holds for Lisa and the children she serves!

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