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Loretta Morris is the CASA of CGS Advocate of the Month for June!

Loretta Morris is the Advocate of the Month for June! Named as the Jesse Kagan Advocate of the Year for 2016, she continues to amaze the CASA of CGS team and provide well-rounded advocacy with the outcomes to prove it.

Loretta has been a member of the CASA of CGS team since 2015 and is an advocate for two children on separate cases. Her first case is nearing it’s two year mark, her second, one year.

Despite working two jobs and having a family of her own, Loretta still makes sure to visit both of her CASA children – even driving as a far as Princeton for her CASA boy every other weekend!

Most recently, Loretta joined her peer coordinator, Michele, and celebrated with her CASA boy, “Jimmy,” as he graduated from high school. Loretta has been there for all of Jimmy’s treatment meetings, placement changes, crises and accomplishments. Her dedication to his well-being is incredible.

She doesn’t let the time she provides to Jimmy shortchange the time she provides to her CASA girl, “Danielle.” She fiercely advocates for her needs, makes sure she’s doing well in school and ensures she receives the medical attention needed to be a healthy, happy 13-year-old girl.

Loretta’s court reports are always sent in on time, thorough, and include solid, thought-out recommendations. She is impressive and as humble as can be. Loretta doesn’t even know just how much of an impact she’s making, but, she’s leaving a ginormous mark not just on the children’s lives she advocating for, but, on the lives of all of us working with her as well.

Her peer coordinator, Michele says, “When I was asked to write a few words about Loretta I thought where do I begin, how do I do her justice.  So as a researcher, which I’m sure you all can relate to, I decided to go to the dictionary.  I found some synonyms for the word advocate. Here they are:













If that doesn’t describe who Loretta is I don’t know what does. Her hard work and determination that she exhibited, and still exhibits, to advocate for her child no matter what is stacked against her — and believe me there have been many – she has never backed down, not even a little bit.  It is as though the more obstacles placed in front of her the more determined she is to break through them. She would relentlessly research, call, go to whatever means necessary to get the proper information to back up her advocacy for the benefit of her child. The instincts that she exhibits and acts upon while advocating on behalf of her child are not only strong and courageous, but inspiring to me.   Often times I ask myself, would I have been as strong or courageous, I can truly say I don’t know. But I will tell you this, I’ve learned from her. She taught me how to be a better peer coordinator to my advocates and for that I am forever grateful.”

Loretta is a fighter, fueled by a heart of gold, never allowing closed doors to disrupt the lives of the children she serves. She is truly amazing.

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