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Meet Kathleen Vito: A Voice for the Children!

At CASA of CGS, our advocates mean the world to us! They selflessly dedicate their time to be a voice for abused and/or neglected children without ever asking for or seeking recognition in any way. Each advocate has a reason as to why they decided to join the fight against child abuse and be on the front line. Their compassion is incredible. We want to recognize them for their efforts and give our CASA of CGS family an opportunity to meet some of the superheroes we are so fortunate to have as part of our team!

Meet Kathleen Vito!

Kathie grew up in Rotterdam, New York. Although many things led her down the path of selflessly serving abused and neglected children, three events stand out the most. In 1974, her mother became one of the original case workers in NYC to work for the, then newly-established, Child Protective Services hot line. Kathie, herself, worked as a Public Health nurse for many years and worked closely with DYFS (now DCP&P).

When one of her nursing colleagues became a CASA in Cape May and told Kathie of her experiences, she thought it sounded like something she would be interested in that would also allow her to use her nursing background.

She became an advocate in Fall, 2011. She says of her advocacy, “I strive to be a good advocate by never forgetting that I represent the child. If I can help prevent this child from being subjected to the parenting problems of his parents and his biological grandparents, maybe the cycle of neglect in this family will stop.”

In her spare time she loves to garden and enjoys landscaping natural areas of her property. Some of her favorite times in the past were swimming in the lakes and rivers in the Adirondack mountains with her cousins,Thanksgiving at her aunt’s house with the extended family, and being at her grandparent’s farm.

When asked about someone who changed her life, Kathie says, “I think the person who changed my life the most is my wonderful husband of 34 years. He brings out the best in me and is my best supporter for things I have wanted to do in life, including going to school for a PhD.”

Her favorite quote is one she includes with her signature on work e-mails: “Volunteers don’t get paid, not because they’re worthless, but because they’re priceless.”

I have had the pleasure of personally working with Kathie, and, I must say, she’s a blessing to the CASA organization. She’s dedicated, caring, independent and has an incredible personality.

Kathie, thank you. Because of you, a child has a voice. You are contributing to the strength of a neglected child’s foundation. He continues to be enveloped with love and support because of your visitations and recommendations.

Thank you for sharing your story, Kathie! CASA of CGS is proud to have you as part of our family! Please continue sharing your motivation and desire to help others! It’s because of amazing individuals like yourself that the children have a voice and a strong role model when looking for support and answers.Thank you for all that you do, not only for CASA of CGS, but for the children we service as well.

Cumberland County ranked last place in Child Welfare in New Jersey. Let’s stand up for our children and do something about it! Visit for more information and follow us on Facebook for daily updates and information.

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