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Meet Michelle Polidoro: A Voice for the Children!

At CASA of CGS, our advocates mean the world to us! They selflessly dedicate their time to be a voice for abused and/or neglected children without ever asking for or seeking recognition in any way. Each advocate has a reason as to why they decided to join the fight against child abuse and be on the front line. Their compassion is incredible. We want to recognize them for their efforts and give our CASA of CGS family an opportunity to meet some of the superheroes we are so fortunate to have as part of our team!

Meet Michelle Polidoro!

Michelle became an advocate in the Fall of 2008. Polidoro says of the reason she chose to be an advocate, “I have been very blessed in my life after overcoming an abusive childhood. I wanted to be able to help children know that they also can overcome the bad that may be in their life, that this is just a temporary situation and that they are important.”

Michelle’s mother has been the most influential person in her life. She always made sure Michelle never let life beat her down and was always there to lend an ear or pick her up when she needed it.

As a child, Michelle moved around a lot, but spent most of her time in Barrington. She is married, has two children, who are now adults, and an English Golden Retriever.

“I have always taught my children to treat others like they would want to be treated and to never burn their bridges because you never know when you might encounter others again in your life.”

She feel that the biggest success that she has seen as an advocate is “seeing my children learn to stand up for themselves, to develop self-confidence knowing that they do have an inner strength, and learning to trust again.”

Thank you, Michelle, for sharing your story! CASA of CGS is proud to have you as part of our family! You are solid proof that despite hardships, you can prevail. It’s never easy, but, with strength like yours, the outcome can prove to be positive. We appreciate that you’ve taken what you’ve learned and shared it to help others.

Thank you for all that you do, not only for CASA of CGS, but for the children we service as well.

Become part of the CASA of CGS family!

Cumberland County ranked last place in Child Welfare in New Jersey. Let’s stand up for our children and do something about it! Visit for more information and follow us on Facebook for daily updates and information.

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