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Robin Del Collo is our Advocate of the Month for May!

Robin was sworn in during the Fall of 2017 and was assigned her first case with three children soon after. She was so nervous to take on a case, but she thrived immediately!

Robin has been instrumental in advocating for each child to reside in the permanent placement they desired, while also carefully considering their best interest. Her warm and nurturing demeanor helped to develop personal relationships with the children that will last for a lifetime. She supports them not only in court, but also by attending their school performances, shows, etc. Robin always makes sure the children know she is going to be there for them in court and will continue to be there for support they made need in the future. Her advocate coordinator, Joanna, says, “seeing her love and passion for the children she serves reminds me why I love what I do every day.”

She is also ready to take her second case next week!

In addition to making the children she serves a priority, Robin is a mother, grandmother and works full time. Somehow she manages to make being a superhero appear seamless! We have been blessed to have an advocate like Robin on our team!

If you are interested in becoming a CASA Advocate or volunteering in other ways, please reach out to Julia at

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