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Sharon Whitfield-Hawkins is the CASA of CGS Advocate of the Month for February!

If we had to describe Sharon in one word, it would be: Strong.

But, we can’t limit describing her to one word! She’s also dedicated, super sweet, selfless, intelligent – an amazing human.

Recently, Sharon had to make a very difficult decision on her case and she did so with patience and confidence. We saw just how much being an advocate means to her!

Sharon’s ability to connect with the family of her CASA child created an atmosphere of trust. That level of trust lead Sharon to advocate fearlessly for the best interest of her CASA child.  The courage she exhibited to stand up and give her CASA child a voice is something to be admired.

Sworn in as an advocate in the fall of 2018, Sharon has been consistently advocating for her child. She regularly attends CASA trainings and workshops and provides thorough, fantastic reports for the court.

Sharon, we are so grateful for your commitment to improving the lives of children!

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