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Sugar Ray Coney is CASA of CGS Advocate of the Month for July!

Sugar Ray has been a CASA advocate since December, 2018 and has served eight children over three cases. Since he entered the program, he has been a light of kindness of service to others. It is evident in every conversation with him that there isn’t a more important piece of his life than being a helper. Sugar Ray Coney has been working with children for over 25 years. He says that working as a volunteer advocate has been a challenge, but it’s worth it to see how the children improve due to the work he and his team at CASA of CGS have put in.

“It’s the greatest challenge that I took on in my life, and you feel so good, because when you help out a child, and you see the improvement in them, the investment in them, it works,” Coney said. “And the main thing is they get someone to protect them.”

His advocate coordinator, Michele, says, “From the moment I met Sugar I knew he was something special.  His willingness to listen and learn has been pivotal in his success as an advocate.  All who are in contact with him leave with a smile on their face, even the ones that don’t want to smile.  He is a true advocate that leads with gentleness and patience.”

Sugar recently worked to help one of his teens become a Give Back scholar and receive a full-ride scholarship to Rowan University.

Sugar Ray’s passion and love leaves an impact on all. His efforts will, without a doubt, remain with the children he serves for lifetimes.

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