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Terry DiSanto is the Advocate of the Month for September!

Terry has been an advocate since November, 2017, and has served a total of five children across two cases.

Her peer coordinator, Janet says, “Terry has great natural instincts for advocating. She dives right in with no hesitation and seamlessly interviews and gathers information from all available sources. She has a great ability to connect with her children (even the ones who don’t particularly want another adult in their lives). Her caring and drive brings remarkable results.”

While serving on her cases, Terry provides incredibly thorough reports that cover every piece of the children’s lives to assist the judge in determining the interest of the child. Not only are her reports strong, but she walked into the courtroom from day one, confident in her ability to effectively advocate.

CASA’s advocate coordinator, Michele says, “Working with Terry has truly been a wonderful experience. It is obvious she takes pride in her work and is diligent in her work ethic, which is demonstrated  by her reports and through the connection she has made with all of her foster children. I am thrilled that she is on my team.”

Terry appears to have a natural gift for handling a lot of tasks without becoming overwhelmed and remains level headed and calm when trying to work through tough situations. She is kind, open-minded and has a way about her that will instantly put you at ease.

Terry is committed to changing the lives of children and we couldn’t be more thankful to have her alongside of us!

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