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The CASA Advocate for the Month for October is Dorothy Stubblebine!

Dorothy has been an advocate since March, 2015. Poised, professional, reliable, and equipped with one of the largest hearts imaginable, Dorothy has been a blessing to the CASA of CGS team since day one.

Every time a call to action for a case arises, Dorothy is usually the first advocate with her hand up to offer her time. She has recently led the case she has been on with two little boys toward adoption. Dorothy has remained by the boys’ sides through the termination of their parental rights and is now preparing to celebrate their adoption. She has painted a detailed picture of the environment the boys are growing in, supporting CASA’s mission of ensuring the children are provided with a safe and permanent environment.

In addition to weathering the ups and downs of the case with her two little boys, Dorothy works a second case with a teenage girl. Despite the details of the case being a bit complicated, Dorothy has remained objective, focused and supportive of her teen’s best interest. She’s consistently offering suggestions to improve her CASA teen’s future endeavors.

Most recently, as Dorothy’s first case nears permanency, she elected to advocate on a new case for an 11-year-old boy. She is always doing all that she can to perform the work on her cases.

Her peer coordinator, Carl, says of working with Dorothy: “Dorothy is an amazing individual. She can be counted on to have her court reports in on time and her reports are full of information. The recommendations she provides to the court are supported by the facts and observations she lists in the body of the report. It is always a pleasure to work with Dorothy. She makes my job as a peer coordinator an easy one. She is not afraid to ask questions and is always open to suggestions. Dorothy is currently working on three different cases, all of which are very unique and demand that she uses varied approaches to obtaining the information she needs to be an effective advocate for ‘her kids.’ She has earned the respect of others in the courtroom and it is readily apparent that her opinions and insight are valued by everyone involved.”

CASA of CGS is honored to have Dorothy on our team and we thank our lucky stars that her journey led her to our program and the children we serve.

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