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The CASA Advocate of the Month for September is, Michele Musick!

The advocate of the month for September is Michele Musick! Michele has been an advocate since 2013 and became a peer coordinator (PC) in 2015. She currently coaches 6 advocates who are serving a total of 15 children. Michele is extremely supportive, well-informed and incredibly gracious. She works extremely hard to make sure she provides the best service to her advocates while also making sure she increases her confidence in doing so. Always ready to learn more, Michele is not afraid to ask questions and receive guidance. She is an amazing mother to two of her own children, works full time, manages her home and cares for her husband, all while volunteering her time to CASA of CGS, the advocates and children we serve.

Michele’s journey to CASA is an inspiring, continuous path and she motivates all those who are fortunate to be touched by her presence. In addition to serving as a PC, Michele strives to find ways to improve our trainings and material, has been to Trenton to speak on behalf of the program, and has led her CASA child to permanency by funneling in outside resources like Family Strengthening Network. Michele is one of a kind and we are so grateful to have her as part of our team! Keep up the amazing work, Michele!

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