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Tina Ciancaglini is the CASA of CGS Advocate of the Month for December!

Tina’s sweet, kind and sensitive nature immediately draws you near to her and puts you at ease. It’s evident that she is a helper and will step out of her comfort zone to make sure people in need are supported and loved as they should be.

While she can be timid, she tries as hard as she can to not let anything deter her from the important tasks involved with advocating for a child’s best interest. Tina joined our CASA family in April, 2019.

CASA Advocate Coordinator, Cara, said, “I had the pleasure of working with Tina for several months and she has really grown into a strong advocate for her child. Tina is one of the most genuine souls I have ever met and would do anything for anyone to help. She is the biggest cheerleader for her CASA child! Tina is guiding her CASA teen into adulthood and independent living, by setting monthly goals to encourage independence and self-advocating. Thank you Tina for being a part of our CASA team. We are so grateful to know you!”

Jennifer, CASA program director, says of her experiences with Tina, “I remember sitting in court with Tina for the first time and there was a baby across the room babbling away, but, starting to get fussy while his parents were trying to listen to what was occurring during their hearing. Tina placed her arms out for the baby, immediately snuggled, rocked, and loved him, quieting him enough for the parents to complete the hearing. When the baby was handed back, she had tears in her eyes and you could just feel the warmth and love coming from her. She is truly a woman with a heart of gold and brings peace to anyone who is fortunate enough to meet her.”

Cumberland County’s newest Advocate Coordinator, Tiffany, began working with Tina just a few short weeks ago and has already been able to experience just how special Tina is, “She is very easy to talk to and such a sweetheart. Tina is very dedicated to advocating for our youth!”

Tina, you may not always believe how much of a difference you make, but, we all can assure you, you are knocking it out of the park!

Thank you for your efforts, time and never ending support for others. We are grateful!

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