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Tina Landrum is the Advocate of the Month for November!

Tina Landrum is the Advocate of the Month for November!

Tina has been an advocate since March, 2015, graciously providing the CASA of CGS team with her diligent and kind-hearted efforts.

Aside from her incredible amount of motivation to make the world a better place for children, Tina possesses the amazing ability to juggle a large amount of tasks at one time without neglecting the attention put into any particular one.

For example, on her first case, she effectively advocated for 7 children without skipping a beat and provided an equal amount of advocacy for each child, ultimately assisting the family to be reunified.

She is currently on her second case, strongly advocating for the best interest of four children. Her advocate coordinator, Michele says, “I have the privilege of working directly with Tina on her case. The commitment and devotion she exhibits to the children she advocates for is something I admire. Her diligence managing her case and work life is exemplary. I am grateful to have her on my team!”

We are grateful for the commitment Tina has made to the children we serve and are thankful for the nearly four years she has been a part of our family.

Congratulations, Tina!

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