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CASA Spotlight: Celebrating Allison Lee, Our Advocate of the Month for March!

Allison's journey with CASA began with a simple Google search, driven by her desire to contribute to her community, especially in supporting children. Reflecting on her initial motivation, she shares, “I was at a point where I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do career-wise. I had my daughter and recently finished my master’s degree before I joined CASA. I stumbled upon this organization, signed up and did the pre-service training, and fell in love with the work we do. Someone very close to me was in foster care as a child and didn’t have a great experience, so I knew I wanted to do what I could to try and change that for other children.”

Since joining CASA in April 2023, Allison has served on two cases, providing crucial support and advocacy to young women navigating the complexities of the foster care system.

Throughout her tenure with CASA, Allison has encountered various experiences that have broadened her understanding of the struggles children in the foster care system face. Reflecting on these experiences, she states, “I have witnessed highs and lows. I have learned more about some of the hardships that these kids can face, and how much of an impact we can make in their lives as their CASA. It’s amazing knowing that we have the power to be that extra push to help them get something or go somewhere they might not have been able to otherwise.”

Inspired by her experiences with CASA, Allison has expanded her advocacy efforts beyond children to include adults with disabilities. Embracing multiple roles, including that of a support coordinator and a real estate agent, she leverages her diverse skill set to advocate for those in need. “Being a CASA has shown me how much I love helping others,” she affirms. “My goal is to learn as much as I can about both the child welfare system, DDD, and housing resources so I can be an invaluable resource to others. Becoming a CASA opened my eyes to wanting to do even more to help, which has led me to all of the different hats I wear today.”

What motivates Allison to continue her work as a CASA is her understanding of the profound impact of consistency in a child's life. She remains steadfast in her commitment to being their unwavering advocate, offering stability amidst change. She emphasizes, "I make sure they know that I am their biggest advocate."

Vivian, Cumberland County Advocate Coordinator, commends Allison's dedication and effectiveness in advocating for young teen mothers and mothers-to-be. Vivian remarks, “Advocating for young teen mothers and mothers-to-be often presents extraordinary challenges. It can be intense and constantly requires a delicate balance of motherhood responsibilities and child needs. None of this deters Allison. In fact, she shines at it! She presently serves as CASA to two teen mothers, fully supporting them to the best of her ability even as they are placed out of county. Because of her experience as a realtor, Allison knows how to speak frankly and get her point across when dealing with other stakeholders. You can count on Allison to be professional, prepared, and passionate about helping others. She is a CASA gem!”

Allison's journey exemplifies the transformative power of advocacy and the profound difference one individual can make in the lives of vulnerable children and adults alike. Through her commitment and compassion, she continues to be a significant source of hope and support for those in need.

Reflecting on her experience, Allison shares,

“Being a CASA has been life-changing. I have learned so much about the child welfare system and different issues that these kids are facing. It has helped me put my own life into perspective and be a better person all around."

"Another thing I love about CASA is that there are many ways to volunteer and give back with the different children and types of cases who are in need of a CASA still.”

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