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CASA Spotlight: Celebrating Cheryl Davis, Our Advocate of the Month for January!

Cheryl Davis, a dedicated advocate with CASA of CGS since August 2022, has been making a significant impact in the lives of children in need. Retired as a regional manager for Dupont, Cheryl has devoted her time and energy to serving four children, bringing positivity and support into their lives.

Cheryl's journey with CASA began after hearing about it from a friend in another state. Upon retiring, she saw it as an opportunity to give back, aligning with one of the three areas she intended to impact with her available time. Since then, Cheryl has become an integral part of CASA of CGS, actively participating in events and showcasing unwavering kindness and generosity.

With a passion for reading and a history of active involvement in her own children's extra-curricular activities, Cheryl understands the importance of nurturing children's growth in all aspects of life. Her commitment to helping children become their best selves shines through in her role as a CASA advocate.

Cara, Salem County Coordinator, shared her experience in working with Cheryl, “It has been a pure delight working with Cheryl on her now, second case for Salem County. Cheryl’s gentle and diplomatic approach to her advocacy has truly aided in the relationships she has built in her cases. This approach has helped ensure her consistency in child visits and receiving important updates on the case. Cheryl is a breath of fresh air to work with and has a smile that will for sure make you smile right back.” Quoting Mahatma Gandhi, Cara emphasizes, "In a gentle way, you can shake the world," highlighting Cheryl's quiet yet impactful advocacy style.

Beatriz, Gloucester Coordinator, also praised Cheryl's work for the children on her cases, “Cheryl’s dedication to her multiple CASA kids is outstanding. The way she consistently and continuously finds a way to grow her CASA knowledge, attending meetings and taking on cases is why this recognition is well deserved. We are so grateful for your continued commitment to your CASA children and our program. Thank you Cheryl for your time, effort, and ongoing support to CASA of CGS.”

Cheryl actively participates in CASA events and goes above and beyond to ensure that the children she serves receive birthday gifts and anything that will make their lives brighter. Her dedication is reflected in the adorable photos she includes in her court reports, showcasing the smiles on the faces of the children she visits.

When asked about her experience with CASA, Cheryl expressed her surprise at the number of children in difficult situations. However, the impact CASA has in their lives keeps her motivated. She finds joy in the smiles on the faces of the children she visits and cherishes the positive ways she has been able to impact their lives.

In her own words, Cheryl shares,

"My time spent with CASA has been rewarding both from the knowledge I've gained and the people I've met, but most importantly, from the development and change to the world of a child."

With her warm heart and unwavering dedication, Cheryl stands as a shining example of the positive change that a single person can make in the lives of children. CASA of CGS is fortunate to have Cheryl as a valuable member of its team, and her impact continues to resonate throughout the community.

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