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CASA's Giving Tuesday Campaign: A Treat to the Community

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

As we adapt to new ways of living while coping with the effects of the coronavirus, we have shifted our means and methods of giving back to our community to impact change while staying safe. Listening to the fluctuating needs of the people we serve during this time, we are launching a Giving Tuesday campaign to provide meals for CASA families in need.

So how does it work? First, you send your donation to CASA of CGS by visiting our website, clicking on the “Donate” tab, choosing the “Giving Tuesday” option in the drop down menu, and filling out the short form. You can also directly access the Giving Tuesday donation page here. Donations for the campaign are accepted until Tuesday, May 5th. Once the donations are collected, CASA will purchase gift cards from local restaurants. CASA Advocates will then deliver the gift cards, contact-free, to the CASA families so they can enjoy a stress-free night off with food and family.

“One of the volunteers already donated $100 so that was really exciting!” said Jennifer Henderson, Program Director at CASA of CGS. “I think it’s really important to give our CASA families a much needed break and a little taste of normalcy.”

It is our priority at CASA of CGS to continue to support the community we serve in the safest ways possible, especially during times like this. This is an incredibly difficult time for CASA families, so this is our way of easing their stress with a night off and a free meal. By donating to this Giving Tuesday campaign, you will be supporting both local families in need and businesses in our community.

Staying connected with our community is critical in inspiring high-impact empowerment, engagement, and change—especially during times of crisis. Our network at CASA of CGS will continue to search for innovative solutions and galvanize support from our community to work through this pandemic together. We hope you will join us in our mission by donating to this campaign.

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